Connecting with others through flowers

The Flower Buds project spreads joy by delivering small bouquets of flowers to anyone in the community who may benefit from an act of kindness, including those who are isolated, living in healthcare facilities, or facing any kind of challenge – physical, emotional or financial.

Science has shown that a flower bouquet in vibrant colors can improve emotional well-being during challenging times. The bright colors, varying textures, and the refreshing scents can be instantly restorative. Of our five senses, “smell” is the strongest in evoking positive memories of the past, which can help displace the hurdles of the present. Everyone has a positive memory associated with flowers.

The project started with flowers grown at Old Farm Rockport, a residential housing facility for brain-injured adults. The project evolved from the therapeutic horticulture program offered at Old Farm since 2016 involving residents and other members of the community.

Each week, Old Farm residents, along with other people affected by brain injury join Flower Buds volunteer assistants to assemble simple posies from flowers grown onsite, delivered to unsuspecting recipients.

The team creates at least 20 posies each week and prepares them for delivery.  The Rockport Council-on-Aging receives 10 bouquets which are then distributed to people they support in the community.  The remaining bouquets will go to individuals in the community nominated by Cape Ann residents. The project will run from June through October with plans to deliver over 300 small bouquets.

“Thank you and your residents for the beautiful flowers offered to so many isolated seniors. This is such a wonderful surprise to the many seniors who have received them. They have been overjoyed with delight” – Diane Bertolino, Director, Rockport Council on Aging

The Flower Buds Project is funded by grants from the Rockport Garden Club and Cell Signaling Technologies.

For more information, or to nominate a recipient, please contact Leslie Doig, Program Manager at 617-620-9248 or email

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