Offering Events, Activities and Neuro-Fit
Classes to Adults with Brain Injury

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Enhancing Life After Brain Injury

Supportive Living, Inc. raises the quality of life for survivors of brain injury by providing and coordinating specialized brain injury residential programs, long-term wellness programs and education for rehabilitation best practices.

We are a non-profit organization and have been improving the quality of life for brain injury survivors since 1991. From our grass-root beginnings focused on developing a home-like residential program for survivors of brain injury, we have expanded the breadth and depth of our services to include four residential facilities, active physical and functional fitness programs, cognitive and social engagement programs and applied research into the best approaches to improving the lives of brain injury survivors.

Neuro-Fit from SLI –  is back!

The coronavirus pandemic put an abrupt end to SLI’s spring Neuro-Fit program. We closed all our sites and programs immediately. We watched and worried as class members lost strength and flexibility, missed the social environment, felt isolated and less independent.

Through careful planning, strict adherence to state and local guidelines, PPE, and social distancing, we are slowly able to re-start the Neuro-Fit program. They take a much different form now…

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Supportive Living’s individual and corporate supporters gathered to enjoy good news, good food & good music – provided by national recording artist, Ayla Brown in November.

The event celebrated the expansion of SLI’s Neuro Wellness Center and programs. We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of our sponsors.