Supportive Living’s Board of Directors supports the organization’s mission of assisting survivors with brain injuries to live more independent and productive lives. Supportive Living’s board includes family members of survivors, program participants, business and commuinity leaders, physicians and professionals in the field of brain injury.


  • Carrol E. Stephens


  • Peter J. Noonan

Board of Directors

  • Deborah V. Caldwell
  • Rachael M. Dorr, Esq.
  • Darryl J. Fess
  • James B. Harris
  • Timothy R. Kelliher, MD
  • Peter W. Robbins

Past Members

  • Steven Adams
  • Michael Benes
  • Jean Bush
  • Jacqueline Collins
  • Joseph Elia
  • Maturin Finch, MD
  • JD Hale
  • John D. Hogle
  • June Johnson
  • Karen Kacamburas
  • Lawrence King
  • Vahan Kouyoumjian
  • Roger Levine
  • Timothy McCarron
  • Deborah McDonough
  • Bernard McLaughlin (deceased)
  • Kathryn Miller
  • Francis Mooney
  • Mark Morganelli, CPA
  • Mary Ann Outwater
  • Dr. Anna Pomfret
  • Margaret Ryan
  • Dennis Sacco
  • George Slover
  • Douglas Stephens (deceased)
  • Tom Wagner, Advocates, Inc.