The McMahon Family has found a true home for their son/brother, Jeff. After suffering several debilitating strokes, they were seeking a place for him with appropriate support services and an opportunity to improve his quality of life.  It was unchartered territory for the family to navigate the best option. The initial referral to Supportive Living Inc. (SLI) came from a family member who worked for the Wayland Council on Aging. “This is exactly what Jeff needed”, shared his brother John.  “He is thriving and enjoys having his own room and independence.”  The family is grateful for the helpful and dedicated staff while being in a safe and healthy setting.

Physical therapy and Neuro-Fit have tremendously helped his strength and coordination.  With Neuro-Fit, Jeff is happy exercising on a weekly basis to help in physical, cognitive, and social functioning. His activities can be using weights, recumbent cross-trainers, or slow speed treadmills. He is having fun while feeling good.

Jeff also enjoys arts and crafts classes where he joins fellow residents at Douglas House using creativity, as well as coming together to build community. As an avid sports fan, one of his favorite activities was attending a Boston Red Sox game last year with fellow residents.